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Welding Services

AEO have in-house welding facilities, some of which are automated, giving greater control and tracking of finished articles to enable on time deliveries to our customers.

Our workshop is equipped with fully automated MIG, Robot MIG & TIG, Projection, Spot, Rotary Welding systems and Spin Riveters to provide a flexible range of assembly options.

Our Robotic Welders are operated by highly skilled welders who are experienced in programming and the maintenance of the machines.

With our Automated Welding systems we can add extra value to small batch and production volume presswork and can accommodate low to high volume runs to a high quality standard and cost effectively.

We are able to work with customers at the design stage, if required, where we can bring into play our extensive knowledge and experience of tool design.



  • Highly accurate – each movement is precisely pre-programmed.

  • Quality welding – the automation of the machine means every move is accurate and identical.

  • Fast production – the Robotic Welder can weld multiple items at any one time.

  • Cost competitive – labour cost savings are achieved by using the machine.