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  1. Meet the Team – Chris Oscroft

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    Meet the Team – Chris Oscroft

    What Do You Do?

    I serve as the Director and lead Research & Development efforts at A E Oscroft.

    How Did You Get Into Manufacturing and What is Your Background?

    My journey in manufacturing began over 30 years ago in our family business, working under the guidance of my father and uncle. I learned the ropes from the ground up—starting with running presses, tool setting, and advancing to repairing presses, all while absorbing invaluable knowledge from my father’s extensive experience. I held positions in every department of the factory before settling in the sales and commercial department. There, I handled customer inquiries and supported engineering in the day-to-day operations. For the past decade, with the support of a skilled management team, I have dedicated my time to directing the business and spearheading R&D projects that are shaping the future of our company.

    What Experience and Skills Do You Need to Be Effective in Your Role?

    In R&D, flexibility and a solution-focused mindset are crucial. Embracing challenges with enthusiasm helps maintain positivity, regardless of the size of the obstacle. Adaptability and the ability to view situations from different perspectives are also vital. As a director, these qualities are equally important, along with a calm, calculated approach and a strong drive to grow the business. It’s essential to care for our workforce and partners, understand their needs, and build long-term, trusted relationships—these are the foundations of our success.

    What Does a Typical Workday Look Like?

    A typical workday involves a mix of strategic planning, team collaboration, and hands-on problem-solving. I start the day by reviewing project updates and setting priorities with my management team. Throughout the day, I engage with various departments to ensure seamless operations and address any challenges that arise. I dedicate time to research and development initiatives, exploring innovative solutions and overseeing their implementation. Additionally, I maintain close communication with our customers, addressing their needs and fostering strong relationships. The day often concludes with reflection and planning for the next steps to drive the company’s growth and success.

    What Do You Love About Your Job?

    I cherish the relationships I have at work. Despite the hard work and high pressure of a manufacturing environment, we always find time to discuss interesting topics and share a laugh. I take great pleasure in helping others, solving problems, and bringing products to life, especially those that benefit communities, the environment and overall wellbeing.

    Where Do You See A E Oscroft in 5 Years?

    I envision growth in all areas of our business, with an expansion of our product lines to complement our core presswork services. I see A E Oscroft becoming one of the most renowned companies in the UK for its valued engineering skills and solution-focused approach.

    What Would You Say to Any Potential Customers Thinking of Using A E Oscroft?

    At A E Oscroft, we are eager and capable of helping you solve your challenges. Our conscientious team upholds our company values to the highest standard and is dedicated to integrating with our customers to achieve your goals. We look forward to partnering with you and contributing to your success.