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Investing into Technology To Light Up Your Way...

Investing into Technology To Light Up Your Way…

We are proud to announce our latest investment into a 2 D Laser cutting machine.  The investment into this new machine will bring added value, quality and expertise to our loyal and established customer base and to new customers alike. 

The new machine has many advantages such as:

  • High accuracy and precision cuts
  • Provides more accurate lead times with no need to replace or modify tooling
  • The precision and accuracy of a laser cutter allows for higher sheet utilisation with less waste.
  • Laser cutting machines have a low power consumption as opposed to presses and other cutting tools.  We see this as a positive impact on the environment as we look to continually improve our energy consumption.
  • Extreme cutting versatility  – The machine can be used to cut mild steel, stainless and aluminium up to 20mm thick.

The investment in this machine will bring many benefits to AEO in terms of streamlining our processes and increasing output but also in assisting us to provide more effective solutions for our customers.

Plans for further investments for new machinery are underway.  Watch this space for further updates.